The Plains

— Post-production - Feature


— 2015 Short Film

The Father

— 2011 Short Film


— 2008 Short Film

Every day a man in his late 50s commutes home at the end of the working day in the outer suburbs of Melbourne. As the seasons pass in gentle rhythm we observe dramatic events of his life as well as mundane quotidian details, and learn more about the man, his inner conflicts and the relationships in his life – with his wife, his mother, deceased sister, and a younger co-worker whom he occasionally drives home. Within the microcosm of the car the film ultimately becomes a meditation on time, memory, work, and how love and the relationships in our life sustain us.

Status Post-Production
Country Australia
Shooting Format Arri Alexa 2K
Duration 180 mins
Language English
Ratio 16:9

Winner of the Films en Cours post-production support prize, Belfort International Film Festival Entrevues 2019

Jury Statement (Katell Quillévéré, Frédéric Busnel-Joncour, David Chaulier, Matthieu Deniau, Pierre Huot, Nicolas Naegelen and Morgan Pokée)
We have decided to give this award to a film which has caught us unawares, and has left a significant mark on us long after the screening. Seeing this first feature film we had this rare and special feeling of witnessing the birth of a great filmmaker who, by his confident choices and the strength of his eye, has transformed a 3 hour travel in the inside of a car into an amazing cinematographic experience and a dizzying meditation on the passage of time, all the while questioning our place as spectator today.