The Plains

— 2022 Feature


— 2015 Short Film

The Father

— 2011 Short Film


— 2008 Short Film

Screen Daily / “The Plains”: Rotterdam Review / Neil Young
“The humdrum becomes slowly and cumulatively fascinating across the three hours of Australian David Easteal’s quietly radical feature-length debut The Plains.”

Variety / ‘The Plains’ Review: Viewers Become Backseat Car Passengers in an Engaging Docudrama Hybrid / Richard Kuipers
“The “dead time” of the daily commute comes alive in “The Plains,” an absorbing documentary-drama hybrid that places viewers in the car of a middle-aged Melbourne lawyer during his drive home from work during the course of a year.”

The Film Stage / Rotterdam Review: The Plains is an Astonishingly Touching Road Trip and Terrific Debut / Leonardo Goi
“For a film that seldom lets us step outside Andrew’s car, this is a most evocative, soul-replenishing journey”

Film Comment – Dispatch: IFFR 2022 / Jordan Cronk
“… an acute portrait of modern life—one in which otherwise unarticulated beliefs, regrets, and anxieties bring to light a shared humanity too often lost in the commotion of the world.”

Le Cinéma Club / Q&A with David Easteal / Courtney Muller
“David Easteal’s debut feature The Plains is a poignant epic set almost entirely inside a Hyundai Elantra.”

Tone Glow / Film Show 013: David Easteal / Joshua Minsoo-Kim
“As we observe all this from the vantage of a backseat passenger, there’s beauty in incremental yet perceptible change.”

Libération / Cinéma du réel, sens dessus dessous politique / Luc Chessel [French]

Libération / Au festival de Rotterdam, des feux d’édifices / Léo Soesanto [French]

Critikat / Close to You / Bastien Gens, Marin Gérard [French]

Micropsia / Festival de Rotterdam 2022: crítica de «The Plains», de David Easteal / Diego Lerer [Spanish]

Film Art / Eternal Return: The Plains by David Easteal / Maxim Ershov [Russian]